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Tomer Avnon

Tomer Avnon, President and Founder of Avnon.

Tomer Avnon

Founder & President

Tomer Avnon is responsible for forming and leading a defence trade and HLS group that has become the recognized global leader of homeland security and public safety solutions.

Today, the company exclusively represents 35 companies worldwide and supplies fully-integrated turnkey solutions to governments, special units, and police globally.

Avnon began his career as an Israeli Navy Seal, where he was exposed to and learned to operate a variety of new equipment and technologies. After completing his service in 1989, he attended two defence exhibitions in France and England. Intrigued and inspired, Tomer Avnon immediately founded his first company, TAR Ideal Concepts, intending to bring the latest technologies, large-scale projects, and solutions to the IDF’s special units.

With over 32 years of proven experience in turning ideas into tangible and successful entities, he has helped grow and focus Avnon Group into a synergistic force that consists of eight individual, collaborative defence companies.