Dance of the swarm

Drone art is the spectacular aerial art of performing choreography with drones.

Drone art is the spectacular aerial art of performing choreography with drones. A computer algorithm manages the trajectories of drones by tracking each drone’s movements. Using a complex version of air traffic control, drone movements are coordinated so that there are no collisions. A drone is then equipped with an LED light, static or rotating, which allows the animations in the sky to move and appear three-dimensional. The interconnection between art and technology, makes it possible to think of drones as an art form of the future. With AI, drones are also the future of cutting-edge military technology.

“Drones may coordinate their target selection, approach, or other angle of attack. For example, in an ‘omnidirectional attack’ swarming drones strike a target from numerous angles,” analyst Zak Kallenborn — Research Affiliate at the Unconventional CAN DRONE ART BE DEADLY?Imagine a football stadium filled with spectators, with drones hovering above, creating beautiful shapes. A sight to behold, but what if someone hacks the drone’s AI system and turns it against the audience? Can drone art be deadly when it falls into the hands of terrorists, criminals, or regimes? The same characteristics of autonomous drone swarms armed with a deadly payload can be used in seconds against civilian targets turning a light show, into a large-scale event that results in thousands of people injured or even killed.DANCE OF THE SWARM Weapons and Technology Division at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), was quoted in Forbes magazine .

“Communication also would allow drones to share information about target locations and use that to guide attacks.” A drone swarm consists of various types of drones, each with a specialised role, such as sensors, attackers, decoys, or communicators. A similar principle applies to Drone art shows. The increased autonomy of drone swarms allows operators to control many more drones at once. It is a sight to behold as thousands of drones fly in the sky, moving beautifully and creating elaborate animations. Drones are susceptible to hacking. AI has made drones the technology of the future, but it has made them vulnerable as well. Therefore, drone use should be made safer by incorporating AI- based cyber-security, this additional layer of defence ensures drones are protected from malicious attempts to disrupt their operation making drone art light shows a safe place for enjoyment and awe.

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