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Meet SKYLOCK's revolutionary, next generation C-UAS.

As drone threats spread around the world, governments and militaries are reevaluating their approach to modern combat and terrorist attacks. The use of drone technology has become an integral part of both civilian and military operations, making it essential that there are also the necessary countermeasures to prevent attacks or surveillance from unauthorised drones.

A comprehensive solution is urgently needed to address this serious issue that this year alone has resulted in loss of lives and millions of dollars of damage to infrastructures.
It is becoming increasingly important that stricter regulations are implemented and more important that counter-drone solutions to disrupt and mitigate malicious drone threats are integrated into the security landscape.

Unlike other available solutions, it is effective against multi-direction swarm attacks, dark drones, 4G/5G drones, and manually controlled drones. The Spoofer weighs just 6 kg and can be mounted on a vehicle or placed on the ground at any location. It is extremely flexible and can be up and running within three minutes. Four overlapping directional antennas create a wider range and greater directional capability, and multiple Spoofers can be used to protect even larger areas.

The SKYLOCK Spoofer’s setup is compact and lightweight without compromising efficiency. In addition to its independent WHAT SETS SKYLOCK’S SPOOFER APART FROM THE OTHERS? This is where spoofing comes into play. Whereas jamming technology operates by blocking the RF frequencies, the spoofer takes over the UAS’s communication link and sends a fake GPS signal that mimics the legitimate signal, duping the GPS receiver and leading it to believe that the counterfeit signal is legitimate. SKYLOCK C-UAS GPS spoofing solution has a unique patent-pending technology that is effective against all UAS platforms equipped with GNSS receivers.

The ultimate “on the move” protection, the spoofer creates an effective “no fly zone” of up to 3km and 7-10 Km of directional spoofing – protecting against fixed wing UAVs at a longer distance.

Interface, the spoofer integrates with other external systems and can be easily incorporated, added to, and combined with other C-UAS and detection solutions. Once a threat is detected, the Spoofer immediately goes into action to eliminate the threat. With two modes of operation, the operator can choose whether to take manual action or predefine an automated response based on the threat analysis.

The Spoofer has already successfully proven its operational capabilities in the field and is currently used by one of the world’s most experienced militaries. In real-world scenarios, it has proven itself against real threats and immediate danger, revolutionising the way people deal with and defeat drone threats.

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