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We caught up with Aviad Matza CEO of Avnon HLS Group.

We caught up with Aviad Matza, CEO of Avnon, to find out about the latest developments in the group’s strategy. In 2000, Aviad Matza joined TAR Ideal Concepts as a domestic sales representative and worked his way up to VP of Global Sales before becoming CEO of TAR Ideal Concepts in 2014 and in 2021 he was appointed as the Avnon HLS Group’s CEO. We asked him to share his unique perspective and in-depth knowledge of the evolution within the HLS sectors.

Tell us how the group began

The Avnon Group began in 1990 with its first company Tar Ideal, providing equipment and personal protection to military, police and first response units.

Over the years as one company became a group of HLS focused companies we have evolved into a technology-oriented group. We are focusing on developing our in-house technologies and upscaling our capabilities by leveraging our deep industry knowledge and our reputation with clients. Today, we are active in over 80 countries providing modernisation services to government and law enforcement agencies, armed forces, and special units, integrating new technologies and command & control platforms to connect between their existing systems and the advanced technologies that we provide to enhance their capabilities.

Tell us about some of the technology companies within the Avnon Group

Avnon began to establish and acquire additional companies with core technologies in 2015. Since then, the group has focused on critical asset and border protection, and three of Avnon’s main companies are focused on related solution technologies .

SKYLOCK is one of the first technology companies we established, designing and developing modular C-UAS solutions for a wide range of customers and applications, regardless of threat level, regulations, or the parameters they need to protect. Through its unique systems and technologies, Skylock provides the most effective and comprehensive solutions customised to meet their specific requirements.”

The second company is Beesense, developing and producing ground protection and awareness for border security and critical assets.

Beesense’s technological edge lies is the integration of the radar and electro-optic systems and the ability to provide transmissions of data from the border and other critical sites.

While a radar system provides accurate detection, it cannot view what it detects. In contrast, electro-optic cameras can see but can sometimes not provide precise detection due to weather conditions.

By combining the two systems, we deliver high-sensitivity thermal imagery, precise electro-optics and all-in-one, stand- alone multi-sensor, surveillance systems. Our integrated multi- layered border protection solutions provide real-time situational awareness and accurate intelligence and a lower rate of false alarms for enhanced protection and complete control over any terrain.

iStar is the third company I would like to talk about iStar joined the group to develop and manufacture unmanned platforms for aerial and maritime applications. iStar has a unique, extended endurance UAS platform for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) with a flight time of up to 15-hours. The VTOL carries a payload of 5 kg for surveillance and reconnaissance, providing accurate visual intelligence and detection for HLS operations such as monitoring and protecting borders and critical assets. With the ability to take off and land anywhere, our VTOL platform allows operators to conduct missions in remote or challenging to access areas. We have also developed SeaX which is an unmanned boat used primarily for port protection”.

As the CEO of the group, what is your strategy for the year ahead

Synergy! While each of the companies within the group operates independently and has its client base, as a group, our strength and uniqueness lie in our ability to leverage the different capabilities and technologies of our companies to provide national-scale solutions. There are many opportunities for the group companies to work together and integrate their technologies to deliver a holistic, comprehensive solution. We work and collaborate with over 500 global partners in around 80 countries, giving us the ability to better address the needs of existing clients and make it easier for our technology-related companies to grow faster. We will continue to build upon this synergy, harnessing the combined knowledge, versatility, and reputation we have gained over the last 33 years that helps us achieve and maintain our competitive edge.

How was Avnon HLS group affected by the Ukraine war?

“The foundations of our DNA are flexibility and versatility. Over the last three decades, we have proven that we are responsive providers. Our flexibility allows us to rapidly adapt and meet our customers’ changing demands and threats in these challenging times when time is of the essence and every day is crucial. We have seen significant growth in our sales and projects in Europe in the first quarter of 2022, a region that we hadn’t anticipated such a high growth this year, and it has undoubtedly influenced our strategy moving forward. Our HLS technologies, solutions, and defence systems are more relevant than ever to countries, armies, law enforcement, and government agencies in times of crisis. Taking our technology, innovation, and R&D, into these areas, we will learn from what is happening in Ukraine and provide solutions by adapting our technologies to these threats and requirements”.

Can we predict how the HLS field will look in the future?

We are not fortune-tellers but we can prepare ourselves in advance. Controlling the air is an integral part of assuming such conflicts; that’s why we’re highlighting our unmanned platforms. We have seen the enormous impact of loitering munition and attacking UAVs in the Azerbaijan and Armenia conflict and now in Ukraine; This is one of our main areas of focus, including introducing our most recent development – the Spoofer. It is a device capable of mitigating and manipulating any GPS guided airborne threats and can be mounted and provide protection on the move”.

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