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Eilat’s smart city initiative with AI-powered solution

The city of Eilat drives Israel’s smart city initiative with the deployment of advanced behavioral analytics AI-powered solution provides real-time detection of events of interest to alleviate potential threats and life quality improvement.


Viisights, developing advanced AI-powered real-time video analysis technology, is the first company to receive an investment from HIVE2040, a VC fund established by Avnon Group in 2020. Led by their Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Asaf Birenzwieg, Viisights’ technology has helped local municipalities, infrastructure companies, strategic organisations and many more entities in Israel and around the world keep people safe and secured, and the company’s client base continues to grow. With the video analysis market expected to reach $11.17B in 2022, their success story is only just beginning.

The following article shares Viisights’ collaboration with the city of Eilat, as it becomes the first Israeli city to promote Israel’s “City Without Violence” program.

Viisights , Inc., the developer of innovative behavioural recognition systems for real-time video intelligence, has deployed a new installation in the city of Eilat, Israel to detect, predict and analyse events of interests in real-time and alert authorities of crowding, violent/suspicious activity, traffic, or crowd congestion, and more. Deployment of the unique behavioural analytics solution was fast-tracked in preparation for the large number of tourists who typically flood the city during the Passover and upcoming holiday season.

Viisights behavioural analytics software is integrated into the city’s extensive surveillance system, which includes over 300 cameras that are monitored from a centralized command and control centre. viisights solution can monitor hundreds of cameras in real-time, and upon recognition or prediction of unusual behaviour, a command centre operator receives an immediate alert in real-time and can notify the authorities.

Eilat is the first city in Israel to advance Israel’s smart city “City without Violence” initiative. Avinoam Nahari, Director of the city’s information methods and systems division in charge of the project, stated that the viisights behavioural analytics solution enables the city to address abnormal events quickly and efficiently for the benefit of its residents and visitors’ safety and security.


Viisights behavioural analytics employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect, analyse, and understand actions and events. This unprecedented level of video understanding is based on a unique implementation of deep neural networks capable of analysing and defining specific activities using video streams from conventional existed security cameras.

Eilat deployed the viisights solution to autonomously increase situational awareness and generate alerts on events of interest such as crowding events, violence, predicting people gatherings, and more.

Eli Lankri, Deputy, and Acting Mayor of Eilat leading the Israel’s Smart City program said, “As a city that ranks high in Israel’s smart cities index, we’re proud of this innovative system which will enable us to maintain the public’s safety and security”.

Asaf Birenzvieg, viisights CEO added, “We’re proud to take part in this national effort and provide a critical component of the “City without Violence” project “.

Traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, HIVE2040 is currently seeking a fourth portfolio company after having invested in three companies developing innovative technologies that combine Public Safety and Smart Economy. Our team of experts is devoted to finding and investing in top-tier start-up’s that promote public safety for a brighter, smarter, and safer future.