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Interview with Hadar Szipro – CEO TAR Ideal Concepts.


The world is in a state of turmoil, from COVID 19 to the climate crisis to the war in Ukraine. Cataclysmic changes are happening all around us, and Tar Ideal is not idle. There are big projects in the pipeline. The Tar Ideal team is preparing to expand into new fields, acquire new technologies, and adapt effectively to the current reality. A key challenge for TAR is the escalating situation in eastern Europe.

“The war in Ukraine is a major game-changer“, says Hadar Szipro, CEO of TAR Ideal Concept. “In terms of current projects and future ones, the situation is dramatic.

We’ve demonstrated our ability to deliver a wide range of equipment on short notice to countries surrounding Ukraine“.

Our DNA is versatility & the ability to adapt to situations in real-time, simply put, “we deliver”

Szipro explains how geopolitical shifts are influencing governments to change how they tackle border issues and threats: “There is growing anxiety in Poland, which shares borders with Ukraine. Other countries in Eastern Europe have begun to buy equipment as they have never done before. Millions of sets of body armour and helmets have been ordered for their soldiers.״ ״It’s become apparent that preparation for emergencies is essential. Armoured vehicles, howitzer cannons, and other heavy equipment are needed. Fear of unconventional threats has also led to a massive purchase of CBRN equipment, respirator masks, CBRN suits, gas mask filters, and respiratory protective equipment.”

“TAR Ideal has allocated an extensive portion of its resources to address this issue. We assigned specific people to areas in eastern Europe – Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Croatia, and Bulgaria. Their responsibility is to understand their concerns and requirements and present TAR’s comprehensive offering to the relevant parties and decision-makers whether to the prime minister’s office, the ministry of defence, or government offices.”


“We saw massive purchases as soon as the war began. Currently, projects are planned, which must be completed as soon as possible. Our teams know how, when, and where to deliver in very short time frames.”

What is the European mindset today?

“It is clear that the EU and NATO are already thinking about the day after the war in Ukraine ends. Their attitude toward borders has changed. The focus is shifting from homeland security to defence. Budgets are being increased by billions, and anti-tank missiles, air defence systems, explosive UAVs, and armed robotic systems are being purchased. EU and NATO are moving in this direction. As a company, we are ready to provide everything that is required to adapt to the new European reality”.

Can we draw any historical conclusions from today’s events in Ukraine?

“It is natural to try and compare today’s situation to the past. In the first world war, Germany invaded a number of countries in Europe, lost, drew back, strengthened its army, learned the lessons, and then went to war again. I believe that Russian doctrine will follow a similar pattern. Following the end of the Ukraine war, there will be a quiet period of four or five years, followed by another war.”

How has the war in Ukraine affected the perception of borders in the EU?

“Prior to the war, European governments focused on keeping people off borders, immigrants, drug smugglers, etc. Today, the EU perceives borders as possible war zones. They are interested in systems that can identify perpetrators and intercept. The days of relying only on surveillance cameras are over”.