TAR provides a complete integrated solution for Forensic Units from the establishment of a new division or unit including infrastructures, equipment and training to upgrading and modernizing your current Forensic Departments to ensure that you and your team have the latest equipment and technologies to guarantee the success of your investigations.

Since Western Africa gained independence the vast majority of armed conflicts have been interstate with several civil wars. Although Africa has gained stability, there are new threats evolving, among which are political violence related to elections, enduring ethno-national conflicts, fundamentalism, maritime piracy, drug trafficking and cyber-attacks to name a few. With over 35 international boundaries in West Africa and contraband is smuggled with ease across borders. There is a great need to improve on existing structures, technologies and procedures related to border security and law enforcement and national security.


Western Africa Forensics Project 2018

This year TAR completed a national –scale forensic project, updating the Police Departments Forensic Units with the latest equipment and technologies for Forensic and Digital Forensic investigations. As part of the project TAR designed customized mobile forensic units to meet the special requirements of the crime scene investigators and enable forensics experts to collect, analyze, and document evidence at the scene of the crime thereby speeding up the investigative process. 

Digital forensic capabilities are now a vital part of investigations. TAR provided modified vehicles fitted with all the necessary digital extraction equipment required to carry out computer, network and mobile device forensics in the field. Professional instructors were supplied to ensure that the Forensic Team enhanced their techniques and operational know-how using the new technologies.




With over 30 years operational experience TAR has been providing national-scale border solutions to airports, ports, critical infrastructures, air bases and border control units helping countries to protect their country from both outside and within. Maintaining a presence both on the ground and in the air is key during internal security missions. TAR’s border control concept monitors activities from both land and air using an array of sensors to gather information which is then relayed to the Command Control in real-time, enable operators to make rapid decisions.


TAR recently hand over the keys as the implementation of several large-scale border control project in Africa was completed. TAR’S border concept provided a coordinated border management solution for the Border Units. Integrating technologies and advanced equipment we provided the Border Control Units with a customized mobile solution designed to meet the specific threats of the region.

The modified Toyota Land cruiser with a double cabin was customized to include:

Light-weight radar used to detect small targets creating an accurate situational awareness picture up to 30km.

IMSI Catcher- to perform “cell spoofing” with a wide area coverage, forcing cell phones to register via a customized cell. The system was designed to identify the unique IMSI and TMSI numbers associated with the different phones within the radius. 

Additional projects for border protection included advanced radar equipment, electro-optics systems, armed vehicles, protective suits, and explosive detection systems intended for the fight on terror, as well as the battle against drug and weapon smuggling.


TAR recently completed delivery of our border control solution to a number of East Asian nations aimed at assisting their Ministry of Interior improve border crossing capabilities. TAR supplied advanced systems including: checkpoint control equipment such as hidden cameras, finger and passport scanning devices, X-ray terminals, an intelligence vehicle equipped with interception systems, communication and observation systems, electro optics and a Command Control center.