Tokyo Olympic Games are just around the corner and both organizers and authorities are wracking their brains regarding public safety solutions. With an estimated 40M visitors for the Olympics, it’s no mean feat. The challenges are great: beyond the standard mass event safety precautions, modern times have greatly increased security threats – new hostile capabilities are cropping up almost daily, and it’s important to try to both predict and prevent such events.

Being well informed of all existing technology and equipment to tackle the threats is crucial and there is no better opportunity than at ISDEF. The show brings together global providers from the security and HLS spheres, offering a unique platform to exchange knowledge, and see the latest equipment and technology available today.

On August 29th, 2018, ISDEF part of the Avnon Group and, Israel’s largest international HLS and defense expo made its first international premier debut in Tokyo, Japan had the opportunity to hold its inaugural Japan Homeland Security and counter-terrorism exhibition ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The central focus of the exhibition was ensuring the highest level of security for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. SKYLOCK, a subsidiary of Avnon Group, presented its advanced, multi-layered solution for detection and defense against drones.

During the opening ceremony owner and founder of ISDEF, Mr. Tomer Avnon discussed ISDEF’s current direction and plans for the future. Mr.Jonas Zolken, ISDEF’S Managing Director talked about the importance of cooperation in the security sector between Israel and Far East nations. We were very pleased that a number of ambassadors and dignitaries from around the world including Israel’s ambassador to Japan, Ms. Yaffa Ben Ari were in attendance.

The event turned out to be an overwhelming success. We gained valuable insights into the successes of the Japanese security establishment, their current necessities and general direction heading into the future. It was a great opportunity to meet a number of the local leaders in the defense technology theater and more importantly the exhibitors enjoyed exposure and sales leads from end users and decision makers that attended the exhibition.

ISDEF’S next exhibition will be held in June in Tel Aviv where they expect to host 500 international and national exhibitors, foreign delegations and procurement departments.

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