As drones have become more affordable and learning to fly a consumer model has turned into mere child’s play, rogue regimes and terrorist groups have begun tapping into this valuable entity. Attacks on world leaders and state espionage carried out from the safety of the open skies have become a real and present danger facing anti-terrorism units worldwide.

SKYLOCK has developed a suite of systems providing early detection, long range protection of up to 20 km and neutralization of unauthorized drones. The integrated systems provide passive, selective and active solutions for multiple applications from HLS, Border Protection, Critical assets, airports, VIP and convoy protection in the fight against drone attacks


SKYLOCK offers governments and HLS and aviation authorities an integrated counter-drone system featuring passive, selective and active solutions for HLS, border protection, critical assets, airports, VIP and convoy protection.

Our systems have been deployed and are operational in several countries and we are working with airports around the world to provide them the ultimate protection against drone collisions or attacks.


Over the last 18 months drone collisions with aircraft have become commonplace and with no regulations in place, the need for airports to protect their aircraft during take-off and landing has become a pressing issue.

SKYLOCK is currently working on providing a complete anti-drone solution to a large airport in Europe. This follows their successful delivery of anti-drone systems installed to protect air bases in Asia Pacific with a further order due to be implemented early 2019.